Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department


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Phone : 302-732-6151

Fax : 302-732-1091

Mailing & Shipping Address:
Dagsboro Fire Department
P.O. Box 128 Dagsboro, DE 19939

Physical Address:
31818 Waples St.
Dagsboro, DE 19939

Emergency Dial 9.1.1

Serving our Community since 1943


The Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department’s most active service is Emergency Medical Services (EMS). We operate 2 Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances through combination staffing.  We have 3 full time Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) and 17 volunteer EMT’s. All the members staffing our EMS units are certified as Delaware EMT’s. Most are Nationally Registered EMT’s or higher.


Common Questions:

1. What is the difference between an ambulance driver & an EMT?

An ambulance driver must maintain a valid CPR and AED certification and be free of any Felony convictions.

An EMT must maintain the same items as a driver, but must also pass a Delaware State Fire School EMT course or NHTSA curriculum equivalent that consists of 150 hours worth of classroom medical training. Topics covered include various medical and trauma situations, moving and lifting, and responder safety. After the training they must pass a written test and practical test.  Certifications are good for a 2 year period; during which time an EMT must obtain 48 hours worth of continuing education to recertify at the National level.

2. What is a Paramedic?
A Paramedic is an EMT that has gone through an additional 480 hours of classroom and 544 hours of clinical training.  They are able to bring many of the lifesaving techniques used in Hospital Emergency Rooms to your house.  These include cardiac monitoring, 12-lead interpretation, IV access, numerous medications, and advanced airway procedures including intubation.  Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department does not operate Advanced Life Support (ALS) service; but we do work closely with Sussex County EMS who provides that to citizens and visitors of Dagsboro.

3. Why does a Frankford Volunteer Fire Company Ambulance sometimes show up?
The Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Department works very closely with the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company to provide EMS coverage to both districts.  This district sharing allows each department to reduce personnel costs while maintaining 24 hour coverage 7 days a week, all year long.  We alternate every other day with Frankford VFC to provide coverage.

4. I received an ambulance bill and I have questions. Who do I contact?
Unfortunately we are not able to obtain insurance information on every call. In the instance that you do receive a bill and have questions; please call the fire station and leave a message for our Ambulance Captain.

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